Southern Schools and College- The Negro to be Admitted

January 22, 1866


Federal legislators demand that southerners integrate schools and colleges in return for the ability to use public land for industrial colleges.


One of the objects which General Lee had in view in his recent visit to Richmond is said to have been to procure the assistance of the Legislature in obtaining for Washington College the benefit of the act of Congress donating public lands to "industrial educational institutions." The Governor of Virginia had recommended the act of Congress to the attention of the Legislature in his annual message ; and many schools and colleges, not only in this State, but throughout the South, were initiating measured for the purpose of securing to themselves the benefit of that act. They may all cease their efforts in this direction. The following paragraph from the Washington Chronicle of Saturday, shows that they are "headed off": "Mr.Kerr's bill, which gives to the Southern States the benefits of the act donating public lands for industrial colleges, had been reported back from the House Committee on Agriculture with an amendment- a provision that no person shall be excluded from the benefits of such schools on account of race or color."
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“Southern Schools and College- The Negro to be Admitted,” Reconstructing Virginia, accessed May 28, 2023,