Blood Will Tell

November 8, 1866


The Dispatch is optimistic that soon Northerners will come to support White Southerners, because they expect blood, or race, to be stronger than any positions they hold. Suggesting that white men will soon stand with white men again.


Blood will Tell.--Wherever there is even the least southern blood in the veins of the people, as in Delaware and Maryland, the Radicals are unsuccessful. The same cause will eventually bring the northern people over to the southern side of the negro question--that is, if the Government is to last for any considerable length of time. "Blood is thicker than water." White men will stand by white men. Fanaticism rules the present hour. But the election of a negro in Boston, where a white laborer would be beaten out of sight, indicates that even in Massachusetts the day for a change is not far distant.
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“Blood Will Tell,” Reconstructing Virginia, accessed February 1, 2023,