Male Orphan Asylum

November 8, 1866


An update is given about a local orphanage for young men. It is said that only four of the boys under the orphanages care are orphans for reasons besides the Civil War.


Male Orphan Asylum.--The Male Orphan Asylum, which was founded some twenty years ago, is in a flourishing condition. there are seventeen scholars, all promising looking boys. The President of the Board that founded the Asylum it Mr. William F. Taylor, Auditor of the State, and the Treasurer, Mr. James Dunlop. The matron is Mrs. Saille Saunders, and her assistant is Miss Mary S. Davies. Mr. Frederick Bransford left at his death $5,000 for the Asylum, but the money, like a good deal other, was invested in stock that paid nothing, and was lost. Out of the whole number of orphans, only four are not those of Confederate soldiers who were killed in battle. Miss Hannah McKinney, who is deaf and dumb, is the seamstress of the establishment.
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