Well Said

November 9, 1866


The paper is happy to publish a quote in which President Johnson says the nation cannot survive how it is currently being run, where a minority is ruling the majority. Suggesting that he believes his policies are popular with the majority of Americans, just not those represented in Congress.


Well Said.--The President's organ says: "In a republican country, to attempt to rule by a small minority of the citizens is like attempting to lift a heavy weight by seizing the short end of the lever. Maryland got on the right side of the fulcrum day before yesterday, for it is impossible under our form of government to preserve peace and harmony when the few bold political sway over the many. If the masses of the citizens are unfit to exercise the elective franchise in any State, then the principle of self-government had better be abandoned at once, for in this age there is not virtue enough in any minority to render it fit to be trusted with power to rule the majority." Which shows that Andy knows his party is in the majority, and that the country is now ruled by a minority.
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