Virginia Military Institute

December 1, 1866


The alumni of Virginia Military Institute have voted to erect a memorial chapel in honor of Stonewall Jackson and all scholars of the institute who lost their lives in the Civil War.


Virginia Mjlitart Institute.--Its Dead.--It has been resolved by the Society of Alumni of the Virginia Military Institute that a "memorial chapel'' shall be erected, in the centre of which shall be a marble statue of Stonewall Jackson, and on the walls tablets commemorating those scholars of the Institute who fell in the war just closed. Busts of Generals Rodes and Garland and Colonel Crutchfield will also be placed in it. Among the agents appointed to procure subscriptions to carry out the objects mentioned is Major Philip B. Stanard, of this city, who served so gallantly during the war as a major of artillery. The following is a list of the scholars or graduates of the Institute who lost their lives during the war.
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