The National Congress

December 3, 1866


Today marks the beginning of the next session of Congress. People across the nation, including Richmonders, will soon know what to expect out of the Radical Congress, but as for now the newspaper admits they have only rumors to report.


The National Congress. Congress meets today. We shall soon learn something definite touching Radical plans for the session. It will be seen that a caucus in Washington recommends the Senate to reject all tho appointments of Mr. Johnson. Rumors are conflicting. Some say that Congress will carry on a relentless war upon the President and the South. Again, it is intimated that there will be efforts at compromise: that there will be no movement at impeachment, and that a body of leading Radicals will wait on the President to talk over national affairs. In this part of the world nothing is expected from Congress, and all in the way of concession from the bitter Radical programme that appears in its deliberations will be as surprising as it will be satisfactory. The Radicals have not the world in a sling. There are many reasons that should induce them to moderation, and if they are not drunk with power these reasons will not be without their effect. But we shall soon see what they intend.
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