Dr. Watson's Case--A Rumor

December 17, 1866


A group of men are wanted after attempting to rescue Dr. Watson from military custody. It was said that Dr. Watson did not want to be rescued and that he planned to fight what he sees as his unjust imprisonment with the military.


Dr. Watson's Case--A Rumor.--The Lynchburg News of Saturday states that Lieutenant Cameron, accompanied by three United States soldiers, passed through that city on Friday last en route to arrest a gentleman In Rockbridge, who is alleged to have been the leader of the party who attempted a rescue of Mr. Watson while in the custody of the military. The News fears, if there is truth in the rumor, that there may be serious resistance from the gentleman named. The information on the subject of the rescue received here was that some of Dr. Watson's friends proposed to rescue him; but he positively forbade their interference, declaring his determination to go at command of the military authorities. Even if rescued, he said he would go alone to Richmond and surrender himself. If the matter proceeded no further than this, we can hardly suppose that General Schofleld would bring the friends of the Doctor to trial, for in that view they committed no breach of peace or authority. But we shall not be long in the dark about it. When we first saw the paragraph we inferred that Lieutenant Cameron had been sent for witnesses, to be present at the trial on Wednesday next. But as General Schofleld did not give his decision to try Dr. Watson by military court-martial until Friday, it is hardly probable that Lieutenant Cameron would have been on that day as far as Lynchburg, on his way to summon witnesses.
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