Dr. Watson's Case--The Rumor Contradicted

December 18, 1866


Further evidence, mainly a statement by General Schofield, shows that he had not called upon his men to arrest anyone who attempted to help Dr. Watson escape, but in fact had instructed his men to find witnesses.


Dr. Watson's Case.--The Rumor Contradicted.--The Lynchburg News, "on the best authority,'' contradicts the rumor which it noticed on Saturday morning, and which we copied from it, to the effect that Lieutenant Cameron, of General Schofield's command, went through that city on Friday, en route to Lexington to arrest the gentleman said to be the leader of those who proposed to rescue Dr. Watson from the custody of the military guard. The News now states that Lieutenant Cameron was on bis way to summon witnesses in the case of Dr. Watson, which comes on for trial before the military commission on Wednesday next. We suspected that such was the errand of the Lieutenant; but his early arrival in Lynchburg after the decision of General Schofleld somewhat unsettled that conclusion. With such dispatch, however, as this indicates, the witnesses will no doubt be here in due time, and the trial commenced according to appointment.
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