December 25, 1866


The Dispatch wishes all its readers a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, with one qualifier. They want everyone to be as happy as possible under the current circumstances.


Christmas. We wish our readers just as merry a Christmas and as happy a New Year as ran be expected under the circumstance. Next year we trust there will be no need even for that reservation. The earth will have made another revolution round the sun; and the world still wags. Who knows but that next Christmas old Virginia may once more have peace within her walls, and even prosperity within her palaces. In the mean time, for this holiday season at least, let not the young folks see the shadow that darkens, their beloved country, nor hear her moans. Let even the old try to forget for a day. All Christendom is making and receiving presents and visits this morning. German children last night, regardless of Bismarck, hung up their hosen to solicit the bounties of Santa Klaus; and throughout broad France the young folk of the peasantry duly placed their wooden shoes by the hearth, in full confidence that the bonhomme Noel would not fail them this time. In Virginia, too, thank God! there are plenty of children yet, who are one day to be the State. Many happy returns of the season, mes enfants! Today is the anniversary of our redemption from the Devil: we will also be redeemed somehow from Stevens and Sumner.
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