January 27, 1866


Virginians criticize the "child-like" Alexandrians trying to leave Virginia and become part of the District of Columbia.


Some good people of Alexandria- calling themselves "loyal"- are about petitioning Congress to retrocede Alexandria to the District- i.e., they big congress to do whatever is necessary to restore themselves and their city to the ten-miles Square, that they may be relieved of the "taxation and oppression of the disloyal Legislature at Richmond!" All manner of means these amiable and exemplary persons ought to be gratified! We are most decidedly in favor of it. But the state would likely say : "Soft, you- a word before "you go. Upon your entering the family circle, there was certain gifts, amounting to several hundred thousand dollars, bestowed upon you, which, now you desire to depart, it is no more than honest that you should retrocede to the State Treasury from which they were taken. You have been petted child : you have been favored, to the detriment of others, from the time that you opened in the salons of Richmond your fountains of 'Broad-brim wine.' Your career has been that prodigal ; and now, when your mother is impoverished to some extent by your own demand, you would turn away from her, for that she is poor, and seek a new alliance. Go, but at least pay back the gifts bestowed upon you when you came. A child who desserts the household when in trouble is entitled to no child's part. This would be a just last speech to the departing community, whose pertinacious who's solicitations for admission into the state there was no way of resisting. It may be, after all, that these petitioners are a set of nonentities of all hues and shapes. For, now that the old state has become somewhat disabled, and like an aged Buffalo at distance from the herd, the wolves beset her on every side- Already those of the Northwest have taken possession of the tail while others assault the flanks. His voice is choked by the assaults in his very face; and, blind and feeble, he is unable to shake from his neck the last assailant which has throttled him. The state is somewhat in this case. But Virginia will not close with a scene like this. Her ancient glory main never be restored, but she will have another glory and another enduring life, in which she will "wear out pacts and sects of great ones that ebb and flow by the moon."
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