The Constitutional Amendment

January 10, 1867


The final vote to ratify the current Amendment was almost completely unanimous in Virginia, all but one radical southerner said no to its ratification.


The voice of Virginia was pronounced yesterday upon the question of the ratification of the constitutional amendment proposed by Congress at its last session, and pronounced with a unanimity even greater than we had anticipated. The Senate was unanimous, and in the House of Delegates there was but one dissenting vote against the resolutions rejecting the amendment. That one vote was given by Mr. Lewis, of Fairfax, who was a member of the Southern Loyalist Convention held in Philadelphia last summer. It Is enough that Mr. Lewis occupies the solitary position of the one " no," to the seventy-four " yeas." However unenviable his attitude in the estimation of his fellow-citizens, the Radicals will consider him a hero. The result of this matter in the Legislature sets to rest all speculation as to the course of Virginia upon the obnoxious proposition of the Radical Congress. The letter-writers and rumor manufacturers who so far misunderstood Virginia as to suppose that she would willingly brand herself with perjury and dishonor, or that even a corporal's guard of the General Assembly could be found to favor that disgrace, will see how far they were mistaken in their calculations. Tho tyrannical Congress usurping the powers of the Government may--should there be none with boldness and power enough to put a check upon their lawless exercise of authority--impose upon the old Commonwealth odious, unconstitutional, and oppressive measures. To such she can plead that they are acts of force which she cannot resist; and their enforcement does her no dishonor, while were she to accept them by her own declared consent, she would be disgraced and degraded till the very name " Virginia " would be offensive to the nostrils of all intelligent and decent people. Those who have respect for Virginia--her sons abroad who have ever loved and honored her--need feel no anxiety for the proud old Commonwealth. She never will be disgraced in this manner.
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