The Victory of the Democrats over the Radicals in the House last night

January 25, 1867


Democrats successfully filibustered the resolution of the test oath, giving them more time to deliberate. The Democrats of Congress are not giving in to the Radicals just because they are the minority.


The Democratic members of the House achieved a victory in forcing the Radicals to give them time to set the monstrosities of Boutwell's resolution relating to the test oath in courts before the country, although the time for debate on that topic was unprecedentedly short, only one hour having been allowed. The intention of the Radicals with this, as in other measures was to push a vote on it without any discussion whatever; but, much to their surprise, were foiled by the all-night filibustering proceedings of the thirty-five Democratic representatives. The Democrats have determined to show fight on every revolution, move now made on the Radical chequerboard, and began on one of the two cardinal subjects which have been receiving their consideration-namely, the prelude to a reorganization of the Supreme Court. It is useless for them, however, with their powerless minority, to attempt putting off a vote, as the Radicals are numerically strong enough in almost every instance to beat them; but they have determined, at whatever cost, to show up the glaring unconstitutionalities at every opportunity, and had they not been worn out with the fatigue incident to their efforts of last night to prevent a vote without debate, would have given the Republicans more trouble to-day. As it was, their anger became noticeable before morning.
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“The Victory of the Democrats over the Radicals in the House last night,” Reconstructing Virginia, accessed December 3, 2022,