What Northern Radicals think of Southern Hunnicutt's and Brown Lows

January 26, 1867


The Northerners despise the Southerners and their ways of action. They believe that anyone who turns their back on their country should not be trusted reinstating the newly organized one.


The Radicals, in private conversation, do not hesitate to express their contempt for men of southern birth who are hanging to their skirts for place and plunder. I heard a very prominent one the other day affirm, with an oath not quite proper to be repeated to "ears polite," that he would sooner touch pitch than the hand of Bond, your recreant judge. This compliment was paid in the way of assigning reasons for refusing to be Introduced to the "Judge " upon his recent visit here, " It is one or the most offensive necessities of party," said the same gentleman, " that men capable of betraying their section, their fellow-townsmen, their neighbors, their very flesh and blood, for mere office and its emoluments, should, to advance party ends, be permitted to contaminate the society of gentlemen." The "necessities of party " here spoken of are of course those embraced in the Radical programme of keeping their party united at the North by adhesive power of sectional hatred to the people of the South-which, in fact, appears to be sufficiently potent to blind them to the inevitable loss of their own liberties. Such creatures are used, but at the same time despised by their masters, to whom they have sworn fealty-and to whose orders they have long since lost the power of declining a servile obedience.
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