Chesapeake and Ohio Railroad

February 12, 1867


Final preparations for the Chesapeake and Ohio railroad were finally being processed through the Virginia Congress. With some minor debate in obligations to the construction of the railroad, the railroad is hoped to bring success. All men of the legislature want it to be successful and the only arguments are for the sake of the railroad.


The bill for Completing the Covington and Ohio railroad by consolidating certain roads was under consideration in the House of Delegates yesterday. An unexpected debate sprang up on one of the sections of the bill. The bill presented was the substitute proposed by Senator Ould in the Senate. The issue taken was upon the guarantees, or the alleged want of guarantees, to protect the State in the event of failure of the scheme. Let us hope that the difficulties upon this point may be accommodated, and that something may be done towards securing the completion of the Covington and Ohio railroad before the session is concluded. A great effort has been made under the law of the last Legislature to make a contract with a company to complete the Covington and Ohio railroad. That, it is feared, has failed. It had been hoped that by a combination amongst our own railroads and our own people the great enterprise which promises such noble results for Virginia and Richmond could be carried forward to completion. Let us not surrender this hope. Let us not mistrust our own people. We trust gentlemen will endeavor to perfect a bill for the purpose. Where there are objections to he urged let them be followed by amendments to remove the objections. But above all, let the leading men of the Legislature undertake to give to the internal improvement system of Virginia termini that are worth the name, and that will secure prosperity to the public works and the rapid increase of the wealth, population, and power of Virginia.
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