The Chesapeake and Ohio Scheme

February 16, 1867


Yet another delay has been created while trying to pass the bill for incorporating the Chesapeake and Ohio Company to complete the railroad. A new bill was introduced adding on to the previous, only this time including the authorization to contract with joint commissioners in the completion of the railroad.


The bill for Incorporating the Chesapeake and Ohio Company for the purpose of completing the Covington and Ohio railroad was yesterday brought to a pause upon the very point of its passage by the introduction of a new bill--the fourth of the series. It authorizes the Central Railroad Company to contract with the joint commissioners for the completion of the Covington and Ohio railroad. It proposes to organize the Central Into the Virginia and West Virginia Central railroad, and authorizes it to consolidate with any other companies authorized to construct a part or the whole of the Covington and Ohio railroad. It proposes to give time to Pell & Co. to complete their contract. The bill pending at the time of its introduction proposed the exchange of State bonds for the State's interest in the consolidating roads. It is to be deplored that this important subject should at this period of the session be presented in a light show, ing so little harmony and concert of action. We trust something may be done to save the measure. It is vitally important; for while we are here perplexed with differences, and groping in the dark, the last opportunity to get through to the Ohio may be lost.
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