Why the Radicals Object to the Reconstruction Bill

February 25, 1867


Directly from the Alexandria State Journal, they have stated their opinion on the most Reconstruction bill, stating it leaves the loyalists, or "rebels", too much power. Most will still be able to run for office, and this will only create more problems


The Alexandria State Journal says: "We cannot subscribe to this bill as an exhaustive or complete remedy for the attainment of the end proposed, which was new States on a loyal basis. It must be very apparent that the number disfranchised by section 3 ot the amendment is a very small minority of the rebel hosts. It leaves the vast bulk a qualified voting body, and qualified for office. The localities will be exceptional where they will not outnumber the loyalists, and run the rebel machine as heretofore. Section 5 of the bill, as we have before said, in the matter of disqualification, is too loose and indiscriminate to mean anything. A rebel election judge and register would drive a tandum team through it with a merry whistle at its frailty. "Again, the bill does not provide, except in a military way, for deliverance from the abasement of submission to existing rebel office-holders."
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“Why the Radicals Object to the Reconstruction Bill,” Reconstructing Virginia, accessed May 17, 2022, https://reconstructingvirginia.richmond.edu/items/show/531.