What Next?

March 13, 1867


Extreme Congressmen have the sole goal of empowering the African Americans and the loyal whites of the South and restricting the powers of the "rebels". While the Louisiana bill does all this, Southerners need to realize the bill could be much worse and restrict their rights in a much harsher way.


The real purpose of the extreme men in Congress is to deprive all who took part in the rebellion of the right to vote, and to give the blacks and loyal whites full and exclusive possession of political power in the southern States. The Louisiana bill embodied this purpose and passed the House by a large majority. Just as surely as the South rejects the terms now offered, will that bill be renacted. These conditions may seem harsh, but those are harsher. These may be unjust, humiliating, repugnant to every sentiment of social pride and self-respect--but those are more so.
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