Supplemental Bill Passed the Senate

March 18, 1867


The Supplemental Bill that was passed through the House in the previous week just also got passed by the Senate. Although, the Senate amended the bill in several ways, which means the new version must be sent back to the House for concurrence.


Under the telegraphic head will be found the intelligence of the passage of the supplemental bill by the United State Senate, and what purports to be "in effect" the bill itself. We can understand it better when we see a correct copy of it; but we believe all the material differences in the bill from that passed by the House of Representatlves were noticed by us in the Dispatch of Friday last. The Senate seems to have desired to exact nothing more of us than was prescribed in the Sherman bill; though it has yielded an important point in concurring in the provision requiring commissioners of elections to take the sweeping oath of 1862. The amendments send the bill back to the House.
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