Injunction Against the Military Reconstruction Act

April 2, 1867


The States of Mississippi and Alabama have made formal requests for proceedings against the Military Reconstruction Act to the Supreme Court. The basis for the cases is because the act will indict irreparable injury on said people and for other reasons.


We understand that application will shortly be made to the United States Supreme Court, in the names of the States of Mississippi and Alabama, and such other States as may become parties to the cause, to enjoin all proceedings to subject the people of those States to military rule under the recent act of Congress, because it will indict irreparable injury on said people, and for other reasons. The case will be conducted, it is said, by Judge Sharkey, of Mississippi, and Charles O'Connor, Esq., of New York. The Jackson Mississipian says that Governor Humphreys has given the requisite authority on the part of the State of Mississippi. The Supreme Court will resume its session today.
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