Pardons Granted upon the Recommendation of Radical Governors

April 10, 1867


President Johnson has been recommended by Radicals themselves to pardon a very large number of rebels. The total number of rebels pardoned in the is 121.


It appears from the report of the Attorney General submitted to the House of Representatives by the President in answer to a resolution of that body, that from April 15, 1865, to March 2,1866, Governor Bramlette, of Kentucky, recommended for pardon 64 rebels ; Governor Brownlow, of Tennessee, 263; Governor Fletcher, ol Missouri, 48 ; Governor Wells, of Louisiana, 250; Governor Bradford, of Maryland, 95; Governor Hamilton, of Texas, 525; Governor Murphy, of Arkansas, 125 ; and Provisional Governor Marvin, of Florida, 97. In Missouri, 55 rebels were pardoned on the recommendation of the Hon. Austin A. King. The President ordered the pardon of 121 rebels.
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