The Advancement Measures

April 18, 1867


The topic of impeachment is circulating through Congressmen. This creates hope for a summer session of Congress, although it is unlikely due to other projects taking priority.


We hear nothing now relative to the prospects of a session of Congress in the summer, but judging from the rabid and unabated hostility of much more than a quorum against the President. It is very probable that a sufficient number of members will be on hand to organize action on various matters. Another question that is dominant now is impeachment is the topic of confiscation is taking its place, though it is quite nonsensical as the former dogma, if not much more so. When the Judiciary Committee meets in May there will be more talk about removing the presidental obstruction. The signs of the times at present, however, is a death blow to the agitation of these modern advancement projects.
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“The Advancement Measures,” Reconstructing Virginia, accessed March 29, 2023,