The Republican party breaking up

February 7, 1866


The breakup of the Republican party approaches due to disagreements between party leaders.


The outrageously radical measure of Sumner and Stevens are breaking up the Republican party, which could have ruled the country for the next century had it been properly managed. It elected Lincoln over McClellan in 1864 because all the soldiers and friends of the soldiers gave it their votes ; but now we see that all the great generals, like Grant, Sherman, and Thomas, have declared against the radical policy in their reports, and that the soldiers are indignant at the efforts made for immediate universal and unconditional negro suffrage. The result will be the organization of a new conservative party that will annihilate the Republicans as they annihilated the Democrats. The only military men who endorse Sumner and Stevens in their crusade against the President are Ben Butler and Carl Schurz. These are all the soldiers, that the Republicans now retain in their party.- New York Herald
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