Judiciary Committee Meeting

May 3, 1867


There will be a judiciary committee of the House of Representatives in Virginia that will contain at least one "colored" man.It will address the bonds taken when the Civil War broke out.


Special dispatch to the Baltimore Sun. Judiciary Committee Meeting -- Impeachment Testimony -- United States District Court for Virginia Colored Jurymen, etc. Washington, May 1. --The Judiciary Committee of the House of Representatives convened to-day. Only three members were present -- Messrs. Eldridge, Marshall, and Lawrence. Mr. Boutwell is expected to-morrow, and the committee will at once proceed with the taking of testimony on impeachment. Among the witnesses summoned are several gentlemen from Charleston, S. C., interested in blockade-running. The committee will, at an early day, take up the question, submitted to them by the last House, whether Maryland has a republican form of government. In the United States District Court for Virginia, which meets in Richmond tomorrow, several hundred suits against postmasters and their bondsmen, for balances due when the war broke out, will be taken up. The jury for the court will include at least one colored person, if not more. The name of -- Seaton, a wealthy colored man of Fairfax county, Virginia, is mentioned as one of the jurymen. Judge Kelly has altered his plan of an electioneering tour in the South, and will not follow Senator Wilson, but will go direct to New Orleans, and speak in Mississippi and Louisiana. Senator Stewart goes to Mississippi to-morrow on an electioneering tour. O. K.
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