Public Meeting in Mecklenburg

May 30, 1867


Virginians agreed to many of the provisions of the new military reconstruction at a meeting in Mecklenburg.They accept the proposal given by Congress.


Public Meeting in Mecklenburg -- A New Platform. On the I8th a meeting was held in Clarksville, at which were adopted the following resolutions, which we publish by request: 1. Resolved, That the execution of the plan of reconstruction proposed to the people of the unrepresented States by Congress in the act known as the Sherman - Shellabarger bill is regarded by us as a condition precedent to the admission of their representatives into Congress; therefore we do hereby accept the proposed terms and conditions, and pledge ourselves to carry them out in good faith. 2. Resolved, That we understand said terms and conditions to exact of the people of said States, in substance, the following requirements, to wit: I. That the people of said States, in convention convened in such manner and composed of such persons as is prescribed in the fifth section of said act, shall form a State constitution in conformity with the Constitution of the United States in all respects. II. It shall be provided in said constitution that the elective franchise shall be enjoyed by all such persons as have the qualification of voters prescribed in said act. III. That the Legislature elected under said constitution shall adopt the amendment of the Constitution of the United States known as article fourteen. 3. Resolved, That in choosing a delegate to the convention to be held to form a constitution we shall endeavor to select who will carry out the pledge made in the foregoing resolution. 4. Resolved, That a faithful compliance with the pledge made renders it proper that the colored men of the county should be courteously admitted to our political meetings; we therefore, on the part of the whites, extend to them an invitation to do so in future, and freely to express their wishes, and engage in our discussions and deliberations, assuring them that they shall be treated with kindness and consideration.
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