The Freedmen's Bureau Bill

February 12, 1866


The nation is divided over the passage of the Freedmen's Bureau bill. White southerners are outraged while freedmen celebrate.


The Senate amendment to the Freedmen's Bureau bill was concurred in, and hat important measure now only lacks the President's signature to become a law. The Executive approval is generated conceded- New York Tribune Still the question is asked whether the President will sign the bill. Some say that he was already written a message, stating objections to it, but suggesting modifications, after the manner of President Lincoln's message of returning the confiscation bill for amendment- Baltimore Sun There are ample reasons for asserting that the Freedmen's Bureau bill, in its present shape, will be vetoed by the President. It contains features that are known to be in direct antagonism to his views and wishes, and they are certain to be rejected by him. The bill, therefore, when it reaches the White House, will be returned, with the objections states- Washington Correspondence Philadelphia ledger
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