June 5, 1867


The Washington Chronicle has claimed that many white Virginians have discharged black men who work for them because the black men supposedly voted for the Radical ticket.The Dispatch asks how the white men will be punished and claims that the punishment of them is not justified because there is never a punishment for firing white men.


Copperheads of this city have shown their prescriptive and illiberal spirit by discharging colored men in their employ who they suppose voted the Radical ticket on Monday. We have the names of several of these parties, but we withhold their publication for the present. Washington Chronicle. Now, we would like to know what Forney is "going to do about it." What is the punishment for discharging "colored men"? We have never heard of anybody being punished for discharging white men, and we should be pleased to find out what the penalty is for dismissing black ones.
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