Interview of the Virginia Delegation with the President-

February 12, 1866


Resolutions meant to further reconstruction policy were delivered to lawmakers on behalf of a Virginia Committee.


The delegation deputed by the Virginia Legislature to convey to the President of the United States the resolutions approving his reconstruction policy were received by him at the White House this morning. The committee consists consists of eight members: Messrs. E. F. Keen, A S. Gray, and Dale Carter, form the Senate, and Messrs. John B. Baldwin, James Marshall, P.R. Grattan, A. G. Pendleton, and W.T. Joynes, from the House of Delegates. They are mostly gentlemen of acknowledged ability, and it is claimed fully represent the State, geographically and politically, being from north, south, east and west Virginia, and of every shade of past and present politics. James Marshall, a venerable looking gentleman, is a nephew of the celebrated Chief Justice of that name. Marshall, Grattan, and Judge Joynes, are among the ablest lawyers of the State. Mr.Baldwin, Speaker of the House of Delegates, as chairman of the committee, presented the resolutions and delivered the following address on behalf of the committee.
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