Registration - Who Shall Vote?

June 15, 1867


Registration for voting will begin on Monday.Every person who is eligible, or thinks they are eligible, should register to vote.The qualifications to vote made by General Schofield are listed.


Registration - Who Shall Vote? As registration begins in this city on Monday, every one should at once settle in his own mind the question as to his right to be registered; and if he has the right, or thinks he has it, his duty is to register promptly. We hope no man will so far forget his obligation as a member of the community as to fail to avail himself of this right. It is the duty of every citizen to use his influence and to cast his vote for the preservation of the order and welfare of the State. It is but a small compensation he is thus called on to make for the guarantees of protection to person and property which he derives from the State; and no man who properly prizes these blessings will fail to perform his part of the compact existing between the Commonwealth and her citizens. The following statement of the question of who are not entitled to vote, and, as a consequence, who are entitled to rote, is so exact a brief of General Schofield's Order No. that we republish it. Those not entitled to vote are: "Members of Congress, and officers of the United States, civil or military, who [before the war] took an oath to support the Constitution of the United States; all who have been at any time [before the war] members of the Legislature, Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Secretary of State, Auditor of Public Accounts, Second Auditor, Register of the Land Office, State Treasurer, Attorney-Gene-ral. Judge of the Supreme Court of Appeals, Judge of a Circuit Court, Judge of a Court of Hustings, Justice of the County Courts, Mayor, Recorder, and Alderman of any city or incorporated town, who were officio Justices of the Peace, Coroner, Escheator, or Inspector of tobacco, flour, or other commodity; and all who have been convicted of felony under the law of the State or the United States. "Nor are these officers disfranchised unless, while in office or afterwards, they engaged in insurrection or rebellion against the United States, or gave aid and comfort to the enemies thereof. General Schofield, in his order, says: 'NO ONE is disfranchised for participation in the rebellion unless he PREVIOUSLY held some one of the OFFICES above named.'" Reports of the markets are at best but dull reading to most persons. Those who do read them read them for the purpose of learning the prices of the articles named. This fact is ignored by the Associated Press reporters, who, day after day, tell us that "stocks are steady," "wheat is lower," "flour is declining," "lard is heavy," etc., etc. - statements which give no information to the reader unless he keeps a file of the papers, and looks back to see the last quotations. Give us the figures, Messieurs Reporters, and we will draw our own inferences.
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