Registration in Monroe Ward

June 17, 1867


Registration of the citizens of Monroe Ward begins this morning.The city of Richmond recommends that people do not linger near the registration area in order to avoid confusion.The man who does not register is "selfish" and "lacks patriotism."


Registration in Monroe Ward - A Word to the Citizen. - In accordance with the notice of Captain Rose, the registration of the citizens of Monroe Ward will commence this morning, at the store formerly occupied by Messrs. Brander & Cooke, on the corner of Second and Grace streets. We have been much surprised of late at hearing some of our citizens say that, they would not register, and for reasons absolutely ridiculous. We had hardly believed any man, old or young, so stupid as not to appreciate the vital importance of registering, or to have any doubt as to his right of franchise after it had been so plainly pointed out to everybody, who had the right to vote, and who had not. The man who says he will not register because he does not think that any efforts to save the country, on our part, will be of avail, and because he does not want to compromise himself, is a coward. The man who does not register because he doesn't want to have anything to do with politics and does not intend to trouble himself, is selfish and lacks patriotism; and he who says that he will not register because he is disfranchised and his conscience will not let him swear that he has given service to the Confederacy, either has not the common sense to construe a definition as plain as A, B, C, or else he is, carried away with that maudlin, sickening, hackneyed notion of being a martyr to one's country. Stuff! This will do well enough for women and children, but men who have the welfare of the State in their hands must need put an end to all such foolish ideas. We have heard old men and young both give all of these reasons why they will not register. Voting men, register. This country is, yours; and you not only have a right to aid in working out its destiny, but it is your duty to do so. Let no foolish or false ideas of pride interfere with your duty. Look to the future of Virginia, and not to its past. Come forward promptly and register. Register! Register! We would suggest that persons would not hang about the places of registration, as they might thereby interfere with its proper progress. Let every one, as soon; as he has registered, leave the place and go about his business.
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