Loving and Amiable City

June 24, 1867


Philadelphia was not hospitable to President Andrew Johnson when he passed through the city.Representatives from Philadelphia claim that he is partially responsible for the death of Abraham Lincoln and call him a traitor.A "union-loving" city will not be hospitable to a traitor such as Johnson.


Loving and Amiable City. - It is known that Philadelphia has again refused to pay any respect to the President of the United States as he passed through on his way to Boston. The Council, while debating the subject, was left without a quorum. During the debate one Mr. Evans said that Andrew Johnson had betrayed every trust, and if he "had his deserts he would be in the place of John Surratt." A Mr. Mershon wanted to know "why should the hospitalities of a Union-loving city be given to a traitor President?" He declared that if "Andrew Johnson had not been Vice-President of the United States the martyred Abraham Lincoln would be living. Andrew Johnson has the blood-stains of the murdered Lincoln upon his forehead." We do not see that the President or anybody else should greatly grieve at not receiving the hospitalities of a people having such representatives as these. The West for "Greenbacks." - There is evidently a strong feeling prevailing in the West in favor of exchanging greenbacks for seven-thirties. Western members of Congress, it is said, will, at the first meeting of Congress, favor greenbacks in lieu of National Bank notes. The western people are crying out for Government legal-tenders in lieu of governments - for a currency not bearing interest in place of United States bonds bearing interest, which the people in their hard-pressed condition are required to pay by taxation. From the signs we anticipate a very strong movement in this direction.
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