Restoration of West Virginia

February 14, 1866


Virginians waiting for talks to continue regarding the reunification of West Virginia and Virginia.


The joint resolution on the re-union of West Virginia and Virginia, and the division of the public debt, came up in order. The question was upon the substitute offered by Mr.Garnett for the resolutions reported by the committee. Both these have appeared in our columns. The substitute declares it inexpedient to make overtures to West Virginia for a re-union at this time. Mr.Garnett advocated the substitute, contending that, under the circumstances, it would be a humiliation to Virginia to make the overture for re-union according to the majority resolutions. He confessed to have undergone a change of sentiment since the subject was last up. He was then indifferent to the restoration of the old limits of Virginia. He was now anxious for it ; but he would not secure that object, now so desirable in his mind, by the humbling of the State of Virginia. It did not behoove her to be the first to make advances. Mr.Lanhorne opposed the re-union, and Mr.Hancock earnestly favored it. Mr.Garnett's substitute was rejected, and the majority resolutions ordered to be engrossed. A number of bills were ordered to be engrossed. On motion, the House adjourned.
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