Registration in Richmond

June 28, 1867


Registration continues in Richmond with a colored majority of 196.


Registration in Richmond. - Yesterday morning Captain Thomas E. Rose opened the books of registration for Jefferson Ward at the Old Market, and immediately a stream of applicants for enfranchisement commenced to flow, and did not cease until the office was closed at 4 o'clock P. M. Five persons, one a colored man, were engaged in filling the blanks and enrolling the names. The plan pursued at these polls is worthy of imitation in other wards of the city and throughout the State. Six gentlemen, Messrs. Daniel Wrenn, R. H. Allen, John Finn, William K. Granger, William L. Peasley, and Joseph Wolf, are present as a vigilance committee, and perform their duty in the most efficient manner. The voters of each color are admitted in squads of ten, and every man is promptly questioned as to the place of his residence. If it appears that the answer of the challenged man is unsatisfactory, he is marched away and informed as to the place at which he is entitled to register. In this manner nearly one hundred were yesterday sent to other wards; some had already been registered and quite a number were citizens of the county. The vigilance committees, white and black, seemed indefatigable, and the former certainly deserve great praise for their performance of the work entrusted to them. Had the same course been pursued in the Third Ward, the colored majority there would have been greatly lessened, if not overcome. When the polls were closed last night the record stood: Colored..................512. Whites....................316. Colored majority...........196. A large number of our prominent citizens had their names entered yesterday. Let all remember to register early. Office at the Old Market Hall - open from 8 to 4 o'clock. White voters are admitted at the right-hand entrance, on Main street. Fourth District. - The citizens of this district, which includes the newly-acquired territory in the eastern part of the city, register at Bellevue Hospital, on Broad between Twenty-first and Twenty-second streets. Messrs. F. L. Moore and Edward Robertson are the white, and Thomas Cowley, Thomas Patterson, and William Lewis the colored challengers. The returns made yesterday evening read thus: Colored.........421. White............155. Colored majority..............266. It is probable that two-thirds of the whole number of colored voters registered on the first day.
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