The Intimidation Case

June 29, 1867


The case of Mark Downey was decided yesterday and called him to trial.The court claims that Downey is disfranchised because he supported the rebellion after January 1, 1864.The Dispatch disagrees because there is no direct evidence that he supported it.


The Intimidation Case. - The case of Mark Downey was decided yesterday by Mr. Chahoon, as will be seen from the report of his decision in our local columns. His decision is, according to our notions, so plainly wrong, and made in such utter ignorance of both the facts and the law of the case, that we shall not argue the points involved, more especially as Mr, C.'s office gives no dignity or importance to his acts. His reasons are really not worthy of refutation. They do not touch the real question at issue, which is, whether the voters' oath has reference to any other disfranchisement than that effected by the constitutional amendment. We trust that no one will fail to register in consequence of this decision. It is a matter of no importance.
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