Registration Frauds

July 1, 1867


Several black people have registered as residents of Lynchburg, Virginia, despite not being legitimate residents there. Almost 100 people claim they live in the City Hotel or at the Seminary, however, the owners of both state that there are three in total.


Registration Frauds. - To make it apparent that the frauds practiced by the negroes in registering as residents' of Lynchburg have been enormous, we will state that seventy-two have been registered as living in the rear portion of the City Hotel, when, if they were packed in that part of the building as thick as herrings in a barrel, they could hardly be got in it. The fact of the matter is that there are not ten living there. Nineteen have been registered as living at the Seminary, corner of Court and Twelfth streets. Mr. Brown, the owner of the property, says that there is only one on the place. Nine have registered as living at Mr. J. Clemens's. Mr. Clemens says only two live there. Comments on such unblushing frauds is unnecessary. The perpetrators may laugh in their sleeve at their success, and those who instigated them may chuckle over their nice little scheme of scoundrelism, but we warn them to beware. - Lynchburg News.
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