A Row in the Camp

July 19, 1867


Hunnicutt wants the Radical elements of Virginian reconstruction to remain in the hands of Radical people, not Conservatives.The Convention will be held in Richmond in August, where Hunnicutt will attempt to keep the government tilted Radical.The Dispatch believes to their dissatisfaction that Hunnicutt will be successful because he has many supporters who do not outwardly display their support of him, but follow his ideology.


A Row in the Camp. - Hunnicutt is determined that the control of the Radical elements in Virginia shall not pass into the hands of those whom he delights to call "respectable" people. The Convention to be held in this city in August will be, according to his view of it, nothing more nor less than a mass meeting. And since it is certain that not more than two or three hundred respectable men from the various counties will be here, and as there are thousands of Hunnicutt darkies in this city itself, it follows that the respectable gentlemen aforesaid will be overslaughed, voted down, and ignominiously consigned to obscurity, while Hunnicutt will be victorious, in a sweeping majority, and will be placed upon the high road to the gubernatorial mansion. He scorns the idea of holding a convention. He will have a mass meeting and nothing else. But the respectables are, of course, not disposed to yield to the dictation of this pioneer Radical mean white man. They want to hold a convention, and a convention they will hold. They will pay no attention to the coaxings or threats of the mean white man aforesaid, but will organize, make speeches, cut out work, correspond with Wilson and Trumbull and Greeley and the rest of the northern Republicans, who will basely and ungratefully turn their backs upon Hunnicutt, and repudiate both his mass meeting and himself. The consequence will be a split in the party. Hunnicutt will have three-fourths of the newlyenfranchised voters in Richmond to back him, while the respectables will have - we know not what "following," but probably a majority of the rural Radicals. What the final result will be we cannot predict. We shall have a full corps of reporters present in the convention or mass meeting, whichever it may turn out to be.
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