The Veto Message

July 22, 1867


The Dispatch points out the inconsistency issue in Congress after publishing the President's veto message in the paper.People from the outside will think Congress is insane if they do not create more consistent measures and come together under the blanket of the United States.


The Veto Message. We publish this admirable paper in full in our present issue. It exposes the inconsistency of Congress in so strong and glaring a light that we do not wonder at the expressions of indignation which its reading called forth from members of the Radical stripe. Argument is, of course, unavailing with such a party, and denunciation cannot affect the sensibilities of men whose chosen leaders are Beast Butler, Thad. Stevens, and suchlike fanatics. If Congress is not sensible of the disgrace of being led by such men, it were folly to attempt to open its eyes to its condition. The President writes his veto messages for the use of the historian and of civilized men outside of the United States. They are so far likely to be serviceable. As to their influence upon Congress, it is not so great as that was of the man who, just before its destruction, ran round Jerusalem upon the walls and cried continually that the city was doomed, while the inhabitants looked upon him as crazy.
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