What General Schofield Will Do

July 26, 1867


New instructions will be given to General Schofield from Congress with regard to how reconstruction in Virginia should be run.They suspect that people who currently are enfranchised and registered will become disfranchised, and those who are disfranchised will become enfranchised with the new regulations.


What General Schofield will Do - A New Registration - Cuffee will Conduct It. Telegram to the New York Tribune. Richmond, July 23. - The supplementary act of Congress is shortly expected here by General Schofield, when fresh instructions to registers will be issued, defining the provisions of that act. It is expected that numbers now enfranchised and registered as voters will be disfranchised, and vice versa. Complaints from loyal men are daily being received at headquarters here of illegal registration, a great manv ex-rebels asserting that the oath is not constitutional, and consequently is not binding. Frauds of the most gigantic proportions of this kind are reported to have been practiced, while, on the other hand, members, from fear or indifference, have refused to register. In consequence of these illegalities it is now presumed that the whole work of registration will have again to be done over, which will cause a considerable additional expenditure, and much time and labor. A revision of the Board will also probably take place, and the registrars now incompetent or disqualified will be removed, and colored citizens possessing the necessary qualifications, ability, loyalty, and a sufficient term of residence, may be appointed as they apply in the proper manner and at the proper time.
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