Who are Disfranchised Now?

July 27, 1867


After Congress gives its list of new qualifications to register, it declares that registration must reopen.The Dispatch suspects that they wish to hold an election soon based on this.Many of the disfranchisement rules are the same as General Schofield, but registration will still be opened once again.


Who are Disfranchised Now? - A New Order from General Schofield. The following order will not increase to any considerable extent the list of the disfranchised. It is but carrying out the intentions of Congress. The Boards of Registration are ordered to give the ten days' notice necessary, and then to proceed without unnecessary delay to make a new registration. This would seem to indicate that the General commanding intends to order an election before long. It will be seen that all persons who, "from any cause whatever," failed to register when the lists were first opened, will yet have an opportunity to have their names enrolled. "Headquarters First Military District, State of Virginia, Richmond, VA., July 26, 1867." "General Orders No. 47: "1. In accordance with section 6 of the act of Congress passed July 19, 1867, construing the words "executive or judicial office in any State," as used in the registration oath prescribed by act of March 23, I867, paragraph 4, of the instructions published in General Orders No. 34, from these headquarters, dated June 3, 1867, is hereby amended to read: Governor, lieu-tenant-governor, secretary of state, auditor of public accounts, second auditor, register of the land office, state treasurer, attorney-general, sheriffs, sergeant of a city or town, commissioners of the revenue, county surveyors, constables, overseers of the poor, commissioners of the board of public works, judges of the supreme court, judges of the circuit courts, judge of the court of hustings, justices of the county courts, mayor, recorder, and aldermen of a city or town, coroners, escheators, inspectors of tobacco, flour, &c., clerks of the supreme, district, circuit, and county courts and of the court of hustings, attorneys for the commonwealth. "2. Boards of Registration will be governed by the above amended list of executive and judicial offices in revising the registration of the second session of the Boards, to be held as required by paragraph 17 of the regulations published in General Orders No. 28 from these headquarters, dated May 13,1867. The Boards will transfer to the lists of rejected the names of all persons who may have been improperly registered, and will register all persons entitled to vote who may have failed from any cause whatever to be registered at the first session of tho Board. "3. The Boards of Registration will hold their second session without unnecessary delay after the receipt of this order and after giving the the days' notice required by paragragh 17 of the regulations of May 13, 1867, hereinbefore mentioned. "By command of Brigadier and Brevet Major-General J. M. Schofield, U. S. A. " S. F. Chalfix, " Assistant Adjutant-General."
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