German Papers Repudiating Negro Suffrage

August 22, 1867


Many German-American papers believe that Radicals have focused too much on black suffrage and now declare that Germans should no longer align with the Radicals.They urge German citizens to vote for the Conservative candidates in the upcoming elections for municipal and legislative positions, claiming that they refuse to be put on the same level as black people.


German Papers Repudiating Negro Suffrage. - Quite a large number of the German papers recently devoted to building up the interests of the Radical party have repudiated the negro suffrage and disunionism of that faction. In Boston, Carl Meinzer, editor of the most ultra Radical paper in the North - the Pioneer - gives notice that he will no longer act with the party of Stevens, Sumner & Co. The Pittsburg Volksblait, an influential Radical paper, says that the German Republicans must form an alliance with the Democracy, in order to defeat the puritanism which is gradually taking hold of their party. The German Radical papers in Iowa make similar declarations. Even Carl Schurz, in the St. Louis Westliche Post, urges the German Radicals to vote for Democratic candidates for legislative and municipal offices. This list might be greatly extended; but the foregoing is sufficient to show that but few of our German fellow-citizens can any longer be made the dupes of the Radical demagogues who would use them for their own selfish purposes, and then kick them aside and persecute them because they refuse to place themselves on a level with or below the negro. - Cleveland (Ohio) Plaindealer.
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