August 23, 1867


The summer vacation for students is coming to a close as August is ending.The Dispatch says this raises some questions as to where families will send their children to school.The Dispatch states that anyone who is able to send their children to school, should, because the education system is currently better than ever before.Both black and white families now have the opportunity to send children to school.


Education. The columns of the Dispatch the present season have made a most encouraging exhibit of the schools of the State. In the most flourishing days of the Commonwealth no paper, we believe, ever contained notices of so many. This is a fair indication of the number. At no former time were these institutions in Virginia directed by superior professors and teachers. From the University down to the smallest school the best talent is employed in the business of teaching. The war and its consequences have given us at least the advantage of filling this branch of occupation with the best and most capable men. The vacation is rapidly drawing to a close, and parents should decide soon where they will send their children. Every one who can, by the most rigid economy, send his children to school, ought to do so. The social revolution brought upon us renders education more necessary than ever; and, fortunately, the opportunities for education were never better, if so good. The results of last year's operations in the schools gave the gratifying testimony that children and young men seemed fully to appreciate this necessity, and addressed themselves to their studies with an earnestness and industry not equalled in former years. This truth has afforded delight to many a parent, while it has been pleasing to every Virginian. The peculiar condition of affairs last winter prevented any measure for the benefit of common schools, but this will be attended to by the next Legislature. In her schools and the thorough systems of teaching pursued in them, Virginia is behind no State. We refer to our columns during the vacation for the long list of these excellent institutions.
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