Republican Mass Meeting Last Night

August 27, 1867


Republicans hold a meeting where Hunnicutt addresses a crown of about 200 white and black people.They met in order to discuss sustaining the New Nation paper, and concluded by asking each person to contribute 25 cents per week to help keep the Republican news source alive.


Republican Mass Meeting Last Night. - In response to a call for a meeting "to attend to business which vitally affects the whole Republican party of Virginia," and to which every Republican was invited to do something "prompt and vigorous," which would be "the salvation of the Republican party," about two hundred colored and white persons assembled in the "Republican Hall" last night. At 8.5 o'clock Hunnicutt called the audience to order, and the meeting was opened by singing the hymn commencing "Shall wisdom cry aloud, And not a speech be heard?" After prayer by Rev. Sterling Harris, colored, Dr. Sterling was called to the chair, and J. L. C. Danner elected secretary. Mr. Brockmeyer offered a resolution excluding the press, and our reporter retired. Later. - Since writing the above we learn that the object of the meeting was to sustain the New Nation paper. After stirring appeals from Hunnicutt and others, each person present agreed to subscribe twenty-five cents a week. After much discussion it was decided that there were about 5,000 colored voters in Richmond and vicinity, and a resolution was passed requesting each voter to subscribe twentyfive cents per week to sustain the "supporter of the Republican party of Virginia."
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