Colored Military Organization in Hanover County

August 28, 1867


A black military company formed four months ago in Hanover County as a reaction to new policies regarding black rights and Reconstruction.Virginia hopes to eliminate this organization, as the men in it have caused disturbances at many speeches, including those of Hunnicutt.The men in the company want more than the reconstruction acts currently give.


Colored Military Organization in Hanover County - Movement for its Suppression. - About two weeks since General Schofield directed a magistrate of Hanover county to ascertain whether or not there was a colored military organization at or near Shiloh church, in that, county, the order directing that both white and colored persons be examined. Acting under these instructions, Justices J. G. Lumpkin and W. L. Cowardin summoned a number of persons before them on Friday last. F. W. Johnson, Thaddeus Foster, John K. Stark, Thomas Glass, Horace Christian, aud George H.Williams, white; Louis Allen, Thomas Taylor, Shovey Dickinson, Joseph Taylor, Peter Storrs, and Preston J. Brockenborough, colored, were examined on that day. Peter Storrs, colored, testified that he had seen a company of colored men several times without arms, but several were uniformed. Alfred Royal is called tne captain, and Anthony Tilman is the president, "so called." Have seen them marching and drilling up and down the road near the church on Sundays. The company was organized about four months ago, about which time I was expelled from the church because of my political opinions. "I agreed with the addresses delivered at the Theatre in Richmond by Macfarland, Daniel, and others, and they expelled me for saying the advice of these gentlemen was the best for the colored people." The testimony of the other witnesses, both white and colored, confirmed the statement of Stoors. Mr. John K. Stark saw the company drilling once when Huunicutt was to speak. Some had arms, and fired several shots. I asked what it meant. They replied that they wore " a society to benefit the living and the dead." Other persons will be examined, and among them are some of the officers and members of the company.
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