Some Maryland Radicals

September 4, 1867


Complaints about Radicals disrupting the communication of the South and the national Capital with shown efforts of Northerners trying to get involved in Southern progression.


Some of the Maryland Radicals are circulating a foolish story that the newly organized militia in that State intend to prevent the assembling of Congress in November by interrupting communication with the national capital. The story is so absurd as to hardly be mischievous were it not for the fact that it has been laid before an organization calling itself the Grand Army of the Republic, who will probably lire their patriotic zeal over it for officious purposes. Clement C. Clay was liberated upon the recommendation of Thaddeus Stevens, the great leader of the Republican party, and I saw the letter with my own eyes, addressed to Andrew Johnson, that no man could be legally and constitutionally convicted of treason, and that, therefore, the sooner these men were let go, the better.? Mr. Vallandigham. Kossuth has refused to take his seat for Waltzen in the Hungarian Diet, and promises to make his reasons known to the world in a manifesto shortly to be published. At present, however, Kossuth is powerless, confidence in Deak and Andrassy is unabated in Hungary, and the unprecedentedly fine harvest after a series of bad years has put everything into too good a humor to listen to agitators.
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