The President Vetoes the Obnoxious Freedmen's Bureau

February 21, 1866


The Washington Constitutional Union'praises the lord' after Andrew Johnson's reported veto of the Freedmen's bill.


The Radical bill known as the "Freedmen's Bureau Bill," which was submitted to the President a few days since, has been returned, we understand, vetoed in every section! This is but the consistent action of the President's policy, and is the inauguration of a new era in the history of the Republic! It dooms Radicalism to a speedy, ignominious death, and marks the immediate return of the country to prosperity, harmony, peace, and happiness. It will be hailed with delight by the people throughout the country, and the masses will rally as one man to support the policy. Over seven-eighths of the entire nation are a unit in endorsing the course of the President. God be praised! The age of radical intolerance is over, and the Republic is saved. God bless Andrew Johnson, the great restorer of the Country and the Union!- Washington Constitutional Union
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“The President Vetoes the Obnoxious Freedmen's Bureau,” Reconstructing Virginia, accessed March 29, 2023,