The Colored Military Organization in Hanover County

September 17, 1867


The examination of the number of white and black members in the military and whether or not it is equal for both parties.


The Colored Military Organization In Hanover County-The Examination Concluded. -A week or two since we published the testimony taken at an examination before Justice Dr. J. G. Lumpkin to as certain whether or not a colored military organization existed in Hanover county. Since then the examination has been concluded, the testimony of about fifty witnesses having been taken-about equal numbers of whites and negroes. The testimony of nearly all showed that there was a colored organization called the " Rising Sons of Liberty" at Shiloh Church, and that they were frequently in the habit of drilling-some of them being armed and uniformed. The testimony of the witnesses was reduced to writing, and will be forwarded to-General Scofield, by whose order the investigation was instituted. The acknowledged president of the company is Anthony TiJuian. He was arrest, end previous to the examination on the charge of stealing a watch. At the preliminary examination he was allowed bail, but no one offering themselves as security, was locked up to await further examination.
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