A Very Good Beginning

September 24, 1867


Recounting of how the Rebel cruelties towards "negroes" affect the public sense.


A Very Good Beginning. We have just now a specimen of the first order of what the Radical manufactory of horrible rebel cruelties to negroes can turn out to shock the public sense of that part of the Union (so called) which governs the unrepresented parties., the South and to be made the pretext of further oppressions, and the prolongation of the bureaus and military occupation for the protection of the lately enfranchised. A story comes fresh arid reeking from Arkansas of a horrid man-so horrid that terms are not found in the language to give out the full measure of his atrocities? who, as the Tribune vigorously sums it up, 44 beat a man with a club; attempted to "shoot another negro who remonstrated ; 44 shot a negro woman through the head, 44 and then had four of the negroes who 44 resented the outrage arrested, and con41 stimulated his threat of 4 killing some 44 (the Tribune is too refined to say 44 4daraned ') nigger before Saturday night' 41 by shooting two of the prisoners dead in 44 the court-room." This is a man that certainly belongs to the 44 killing profession
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