Public Hall on Church Hill

October 2, 1867


Public Hall is held on Church Hill to offer public areas for citizens to discuss politics and the state of the current government in Richmond.


Public Hall on Church Hill.-The residents of the eastern portion of the city have for a long time felt the necessity of a hall which can be used for fairs, lectures, and similar public entertainments. Churches have been brought into requisition, and some of them occasionally received serious damage. The consequence has been that the trustees of these houses have been compelled, in self-defence, to close their doors to some of these entertainments, and the people, who live too far from the public halls of other portions of the city to attend entertainments, have been forced to remain at home. This want is now about to be supplied, and that portion of our population will have an opportunity to attend amusements gotten up expressly for their benefit. We hear that a hall is about to be commenced, and will be rapidly pushed forward to completion. The exact location of the building has not yet been determined, but from the character of those who have taken hold of the enterprise we are assured that the public demands will he fully met in this as in other respects. As soon as the plans are matured we may have more to say upon a subject of so much importance to many of our citizens.
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