Hunnicutt's Speech

October 30, 1867


Hunnicutt publicly thanks the "colored" voters for being civil and doing their most to support him while he received threats and acts of violence from whites.


Hunnicutt's Speech was long, but we only report those portions of it which will interest our readers, He first complimented the negroes on their triumph, and then on their "good conduct." You behaved like gentlemen and Christians-not so with the Conservative party, I never dreamed that white men could be so base and vindictive." During the election, someone yelled at me from a carriage on Governor street: " Yes, God d-n you, Hunnicutt, we have got the rope to hang you!" This was only one of the numberless threats and insults I received.
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“Hunnicutt's Speech,” Reconstructing Virginia, accessed November 26, 2022,