A Constitution-Cobbler Caned

January 1, 1868


A local Radical delegate to the Constitutional Convention was publicly caned on a street in Richmond. The Radical delegate entered a store to confront another citizen about the rude remarks he had made concerning the delegate's political character. Later the two met again and the delegate was caned, both participants were arrested.


A Constitution-Cobbler Caned.-A Radical delegate to the Constitutional Convention entered a store on Main street yesterday to call a gentleman engaged as salesman in the establishment to account for some offensive remarks in regard to the political character of the law-maker. After he had vented his spleen in a most abusive manner, he was ordered from the store, and escorted out by a policeman. Later in the day the two met in the street, and our friend the salesman proceeded to give the worthy delegate a caning. Of course there was resistance, and when the row was at its height the police interfered, and both parties were arrested. The case will be investigated before the Mayor to-morrow morning.
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