How It Looks

January 1, 1868


The obnoxious and excessive measures the Radical policies have placed on the lives of Southern citizens are nothing more than a burden. The Radical plan is a failure as it is decreasing contentment and prosperity, implementing excessive taxes, and more. The Dispatch refers to Radicals as "incapables" and the resentment among the Southern states toward the Radicals is palpable.


How it Looks.-We are just upon the eve of 1868, and two years and nine months have passed since the war ended. In all this time the Radicals have been in power. In all this time their policy has prevailed North, South, East, West, everywhere. They have expended hundreds of millions yearly, and taxed the people $500,000,000 to raise the money. They have governed the South by military dictators and freedmen's bureaus. They have, by their policy, depreciated lands, prevented the cultivation of crops, broken down manufactures, prohibited immigration, created debt, and retarded all forms of labor, contentment, and prosperity. And now, in the closing hours of the year, we put, even to the candid men of the dominant party in Congress, the question which we also put to the public: "What good has been done to the white race, to the black race, to the country at large, or to any State in the country?" The wretchedness which this day pervades nearly the whole section of the southern country is evidence of the failure of your policy. It is written every-where-sometimes in letters of blood, sometimes as by fire and sword-that you have nearly ruined the land. Nearly three years of suspension from hostilities, and yet there is no peace! Trade languishes, taxes increase, the cost and burdens of State weigh heavier than ever, and yet these incapables still demand prolonged power, and are now adding new burdens to the South in order to maintain it. Every hour, in the light of such a policy, the duty of conservative men becomes more plain. It is to overthrow these incapables and to demand the repeal of the obnoxious measures which are at present so many barriers in the way of all peace and all substantial good.-New York Express.
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